“Kim is an excellent teacher. His experience in editing outside of academia shines through in the classroom. Very informative and very knowledgeable instructor. He is very good at breaking down complex editing processes for students who are struggling with the material.

He was also a very engaged and passionate teacher. I never felt bored his lectures. I also liked his assignments, especially the last one. It was a very unique challenge that was fun to undertake.”

“Allows everyone to be creative in their own right and he works with them to foster that creativity.”

“Excellent class, excellent professor. I learned a lot and had a great time.”

“Kim is the man – very excited to have him in the DIFT department.”

“The atmosphere of enjoyment! Both the teacher and classmates were easy to get along with and work with.”

“He was a very good instructor who took the time to help each and everyone of us, very patient. This guy needs a raise!!!”

“I also enjoyed class because Professor Moeung taught class so that it was interesting and I loved all the hands on work.”

“This was a great class and mostly because of the great instructor. Kim is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and is passionate about teaching. He taught the course content in a very clear and manageable manner was always helpful and available when help was needed.

One of the best instructors that I’ve had so far in my 5 semesters at Cincinnati State.”

“This Course was great, the strengths of this course relied on the knowledge of the instructor. There wasn’t any doubt in my capability to create because of the attention he paid to the classes educational needs.

The only weakness relied on the students learning ability. He was a very fast teacher and also able to multi task, in that regard there were some cases when I wasn’t able to keep up with the lesson.

Besides that, the positively eager attitude that was displayed from the instructor towards After Effects, has me very enthused to use the program in future occasions. I would recommend this course to every creatively driven individual.”

“Kimheart was an AMAZING instructor! Very down to earth kid of guy and very fun to have!”

“Kimheart is one of my favorite instructors that i have ever had through my experience as an AVP student, you can tell easily about an instructor that knows his way around his work and the one who doesn’t and from day one I knew that Kimheart has a professional experience in After Effects which made me excited to be one of his students and Kimheart has a way of teaching that made it even easy for all of us to learn.

I would recommend him to all AVP students, also not to forget I think having an open minded instructor changes everything to the better. Having an open minded instructor gives us room to try to be creative through the process of learning and i treasure that. I did not spot any weakness regarding Kimheart, any AVP student who took his class is lucky.

“Kimheart is very energetic and is an awesome instructor! If you had any questions about the program itself, he always took the time to show you how to do it, or if he couldn’t he would give you a link to a video to show you how to do it as well. Overall, awesome teacher would definitely take him again.”

“Kimheart is very knowledgable, relatable, and patient. He makes the subject interesting to learn.”

“Best instructor I’ve had in my time at CState. He is clearly passionate about what he teaches and is very engaging.”

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